The Lucid Lane Approach

Digital Behavioral Health Programs for Medication Dependence, Substance Use & Emotional Well-Being.

Lucid Lane provides care for the whole person: cognitively, emotionally and physically. As a member of Lucid Lane, you will receive world-class support from your very own comprehensive care team. Our philosophy is founded on clinical science based on decades of research. Our programs are designed and supervised by a group of physicians and faculty at Stanford University specializing in psychiatry, anesthesiology, chemical dependence, perioperative pain medicine, internal medicine, and addiction medicine.

When you sign up for Lucid Lane, we perform an assessment to understand your goals and values. We address medication dependence and substance use disorder as two separate medical conditions that require very different approaches. After your assessment, you are connected with your own health coach that is aware you have intimate knowledge of your life and works to understand your perspective. Our health coaches create collaborative partnerships to explore and enhance your motivation to design and reach your goals. At the same time, we respect your autonomy and ability to make your own choices and do not believe in using pressure or confrontational approaches.   

From day one, your personal health coach will be by your side for support, tracking your daily progress in between your scheduled sessions. As challenging situations or symptoms arise, you can message your health coach daily for support and guidance to work through them together. We use secure and private video, voice, and text communications to ensure a safe and private space.

We also collaborate with medical providers, if members find this helpful, to facilitate comprehensive care. We believe in strengthening the physician-patient relationship. National surveys repeatedly show that physicians request more support, training, and guidance on how to manage the spectrum of medication dependence and substance use issues. Studies show physicians want to help, but have difficulty knowing when to start medication-assisted treatment or slow-down tapers from benzodiazepines and opioids. Our programs are designed by physicians for physicians, to help bridge this gap.

With structured sessions, daily support, and comprehensive care, Lucid Lane is your avenue to a life of independence from the shackles of debilitating emotions and behaviors. We are your partner in this journey towards your best self; one of a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Lucid Lane Program

 Lucid Lane Program is a comprehensive program. With you at the center, we create a personalized program that implements science and evidence-based methods to reach your goals. The Lucid Lane Program consists of the following elements:

  1. Personalized Program: Your care team will build a personalized program with you based on your personal challenges and goals. We develop programs for:

    1. Medication dependence and tapering

    2. Substance use disorder and relapse prevention

    3. Emotional well-being

      (*Programs can be customized to combine these three elements or remain separate based on your personal needs.)

  2. Monthly Goals: As part of the Premium Care Lucid Program, your health coach will set personalized goals.

  3. Medication Tapering Collaboration with your prescribing Doctor: Your care team will collaborate with your prescribing doctor to facilitate comprehensive care. For medication tapering, your care team will communicate with your prescribing doctor to inform and guide your medication tapering goal by providing detailed information on the patterns of your withdrawal and symptoms, quality of life and well-being, and life stressors. For relapse prevention, your care team will help identify the most commonly missed opportunities to receive evidence-based medications and interventions that greatly increase your chances of success.

  4. Daily Support: Your personal health coach will be by your side for support, monitoring your daily progress in between your scheduled sessions. As challenging situations or symptoms arise, you can message your health coach daily for support and guidance to work through them together and practice key methods to success. Some of those methods include mindfulness, grounding exercises, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

  5. Evidence-Based Program Designed by Experts: Our programs are based on the latest scientific evidence and designed by a diverse panel of physicians and faculty from Stanford University specializing in medication dependence, emotional well-being, and substance use.

  6. Maintenance: At the end of the program, we aim to achieve your goals. We provide recommendations for next steps to help you continue to live a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, we remain available to privately reconnect and support you through life’s inevitable stressors, setbacks, and challenges.

EMAIL HELP@lucidlane.COM OR CALL 1-800-604-2461

This is a service that many of the patients I encounter need and can benefit from. I know this team and look forward to working with them.
— Dr. Faisal Cheema, MD, Oncologist, Redwood City, CA