The Lucid Lane Approach

Lucid Lane provides care for the whole person: cognitively, emotionally and physically. As a member of Lucid Lane, you will receive world-class support from your very own comprehensive care team. Our philosophy is founded on clinical science based on decades of research.  Stanford-trained medical doctors renowned in this field design our programs.

Our all-inclusive 24/7 care is steeped in our philosophy that to help a person, that you not only have to know their issues, but also know who they are and what they value. By getting to know you, we can better assist you in resolving your issues. We want you to know that we are there with you every step of the way.

We empower you to live free of debilitating sadness, anxiety, social anxiety, insomnia, pain, addiction and more. When you sign up for Lucid Lane, you will start with an assessment that will focus on clarifying your goals and issues, while simultaneously conceptualizing what you value as a person. Soon afterwards, you will be connected with a personal health coach who will streamline this information with you. All of this data will then be carefully combed over by clinical team, who will create a unique personalized plan for you.  

While your plan is in its initial stages, your personal health coach will be digitally communicating with you and tracking relevant symptoms and variables DAILY. You can connect with your health coaches over a secure and private video feed or phone for additional support as well. At this point you are well into Lucid Lane and have embarked on an incredibly empowering journey. 

Over the next few months, you can expect regular communication with your care team. To keep the plan consistent and fruitful, we will evolve in congruence with your unique situation, keep your prescribing clinician up to speed with your progress (with your permission), and will tailor as often as necessary.

Our philosophy is straightforward; that to help a person, you have to identify with their unique, personalized, and constantly shifting situation. As such, know that we are with you every step of the way. Lucid Lane is your avenue to a life of independence from the shackles of debilitating emotions and behaviors.

We are your partner in this journey towards your best self; one of a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Premium Care - Lucid Program

 Premium Care Lucid Program is a comprehensive 6 month program providing emotional well-being, withdrawal symptom therapy, and medication tapering support. With you at the center, we create a personalized program that implements scientific and evidence-based methodologies just for you to help you taper safely while improving your emotional well-being.

The 6 month Lucid Program consists of the following elements:

  1. Personalized Program: Your care team will build a personalized 6-month program for you, including medication tapering as well as emotional well-being goals. We will work with you to achieve these goals within the 6 month program.

  2. Monthly Goals: As part of the Premium Care Lucid Program, your health coach will set a monthly goal for medication tapering and emotional well-being. Your care team will also establish a personalized plan to meet your emotional well-being goal for the month. Your progress is mapped carefully while assessing your weekly emotional goals and your weekly tapering goals.

  3. Medication Tapering Collaboration with your prescribing Doctor: Your care team will collaborate with your prescribing doctor for medication tapering. Your care team will communicate with your prescribing doctor to establish your medication tapering goal. Your care team will also communicate with all necessary specialists to ensure your needs based on your personalized plan is being met.

  4. Daily Monitoring: We will monitor your progress daily based on your feedback and adjust the personalized program to best meet your progress needs.

  5. Daily Coaching and Therapy: Tapering off of medications and the effects of withdrawal symptoms can be quite stressful. Our coaches connect with you regularly and together you work on key methods to success. Some of those methods include mindfulness, grounding exercises, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

  6. Evidence Based Program Designed by Experts: Designed based on the BRAVO protocol, pioneered by Dr. Ana Lemke of Stanford University, the LUCID Program is built on listening to your story and affirming your commitment. Utilizing these methods while providing daily support for those challenging moments will provide the foundation for success. You lead the discussion and dictate the pace.

  7. Outcome: At the end of the program, we expect to achieve the goals that we had set for medication tapering and emotional well-being improvements. We assess if you need to continue working on further improvement or maintenance to avoid relapse. We also provide recommendations for next steps to help you continue to live a healthy life style.

EMAIL HELP@lucidlane.COM OR CALL 1-800-604-2461

This is a service that many of the patients I encounter need and can benefit from. I know this team and look forward to working with them.
— Dr. Faisal Cheema, MD, Oncologist, Redwood City, CA