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Lucid Lane connects Doctors and behavioral health providers with members who wish to effectively reduce their anxiety, stress, sadness, sleep loss and pain. We also provide therapy for management of withdrawal symptoms to provide help while tapering from dependent medications. We provide daily health coaching and monitoring to ensure that our members are making progress based on their personalized plan.

Lucid Lane provides the following benefits to our members:

  1. Get referrals for highly compatible members
  2. Lucid Lane augments your practice by providing the following:
    • REE Wellness Assessment & Personalized Pla
    • Assigned Health Coach
    • Daily check-in and Unlimited daily chat with your coach where ever you are, when ever you want
    • Additional sessions with a therapist (CBT, Mindfulness, Meditation) and Psychologist for $150 per 50 minute session.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Do I have to pay Lucid Lane?

No. We invite top providers of evidence-based behavioral health care to become Lucid Providers, at no cost to you.

2. How does the Lucid Lane service work?

Members enroll in the monthly service. Our service of multi-disciplinary licensed physicians, spanning perioperative management, primary care, and behavioral health, match each member to a therapist who can best meet the member’s needs.

3. What is required of me as a Lucid Lane Provider?

We ask that you agree and are aligned with our best practices guidelines and protocol for tapering and withdrawal management. We ask that you provide timely access to members we refer to you. Typically that means a response within 48 hours and an appointment within 7 working days (if non-urgent). We ask that you or your office provide timely response to our health coaches if and when they reach you in order to serve the needs of one of your assigned members.

4. Am I required to accept all client referrals from Lucid Lane?

Lucid Lane carefully matches members to the providers who we think can best meet their needs. However, providers can decline to serve a member if they do not feel that they are qualified to serve that member.

5. How do I get paid?

Lucid Lane will pay you for your hourly rate that we mutually agree on.

6. How does Lucid Lane safeguard client confidentiality?

We are committed to best practices for security and patient privacy: We comply with HIPAA and state requirements for the use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI). Before we make any care recommendations to a client, they must consent and acknowledge receipt of our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices and Consent to Limited Disclosures. Our team includes professionals who have put in place physical, technical and administrative safeguards for the privacy and security of client data. You can read Breaking Benzo 

7. What paperwork is expected to join your referral network?

All you need to do is fill out the application below. We will then email you a link to our best practices guideline and protocol document. We ask that you agree to be aligned with our best practices and protocol when working with members that we refer to you. Before we make any care recommendations to a client, you must also consent and acknowledge receipt of our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices and Consent to Limited Disclosures. That is it.