Refer a Patient

Lucid Lane provide a comprehensive, daily digital medication tapering and withdrawal management platform and service that builds a personalized program and delivers support, guidance, therapy and medication management from professional coaches and medically-licensed psychiatrists on an ongoing basis to help your patients taper from habit-forming medications safely and effectively. We provide private, confidential support directly from your patient's computer or smartphone - any time, anywhere.

By offering Lucid Lane to your patients, you can rest assured that we will be there for them all the way providing support, guidance and therapy to help them taper safely and effectively. Patients will receive world-class treatment by a compassionate and Stanford-trained care team that is focused on and is passionate about helping people eliminate their dependency on habit-forming medications.

Lucid Lane makes it easy for your patients to get the care they need and gives you a faster way to direct patients to behavioral health services. For those patients who live in remote areas, are housebound, have trouble lining up childcare, or just have too much going on in their lives to make room for regular therapy sessions, this may be the best - and in some cases the only - way they'll get help for medication tapering and withdrawal management. All they need to meet with a therapist or psychiatrist is a computer, webcam and broadband internet access.

Please complete the form by clicking on the button 'Refer A Patient' above to refer a patient to Lucid Lane. Our Health Coach will contact the patient to complete their in-take and registration. 

Please note: This form contains information that is confidential and privileged and will be treated as such by Lucid Lane. All information submitted in this form is encrypted and meets HIPAA compliance standards when submitting this form electronically.