Member Testimonials

Timothy:  “Counseling specific to the needs of a person in benzo withdrawal. Staff first hand knowledge and experience need to address, with compentency, the nuances of this often misdiagnosed iagtrogenic Illness.”

Meg: “Lucid lane set me up with the BEST coach ever! She’s there when I really need her and really listens to my concerns and gives great feedback.“ 

Will: “I would recommend Lucid Lane to a friend, because  I know how sensitive and complex Benzo dependency is and how immediate the difficulties. I rate 10 on the scale. Lucid Lane is doing great at being so on call, the work ethic of really considering the needs of the person even through difficult complications. It lends an incredible amount of support in a very misunderstood underrepresented situation.”

Michael: “Lucid lane was the only place I found that had experience specifically  with Benzo withdrawal. So far their service has been top notch.”

 Jon: “Great counselor who understands, assists and encourages through regular contact.Good collaborative approach encourages teaming with PCP “